I want to make a statement concerning the on-line porn epidemic.  I have a 14 year old son that has the strictest blocks on his address.  But they still keep coming and he has been taken in by them.  He doesn't even have to click for pictures, they just come up.  Somehow these are getting through the filters also and I don't want his mind being altered by porn.  It is dangerous and has caused him to be banned from the computer by his dad.  It wasn't until I saw for myself what was going on that he was allowed back on.

Please push more people to sign this petition.  Some children may not even be able to explain to their parents that it isn't their fault, they just pop up.

Thanks --  Mary

This is an awesome endeavor and so important that we make sure it is achievable. I think we should target Porn SPAM in one petition and target Porn websites in another separate petition. I sincerely appreciate Grassfire and all you do!     --EF

 If the government can put priority on catching people who put bombs in citizens' mailboxes, it can and should put such priority on preventing, catching, and prosecuting people who put emotional and spiritual bombs in my e-mailbox.

I was so glad to see your email. During the past couple weeks at least 8 porn sites have popped up on my email. I just keep deleting. They say I “requested” them and they don’t send unsolicited emails. I’ve “unsubscribed” to a couple of them, but I’m afraid I’ve only succeeded in verifying my email address, because I seem to be getting more and more. I work in a church office and am very upset that I am receiving these disgusting emails. Thank you.         --Linda

Internet pornography has become an epidemic in the world. The Clinton administration didn't have the guts to stop, or at least reduce, the amount of Internet porn by making it illegal to host pornographic sites in the United States while they had a chance. This is probably due to the fact that Bill Clinton himself was already addicted to pornography. It was like asking a chain smoker to sign a bill against tobacco use.
We need to do something to stem the tide while we have a leader who has some kind of morals. ... It's too bad that we have leaders so willing to raise taxes to pay for more jails to house rapists and child/spouse abusers rather than eliminate the main the contributor to such behavior. Thank you for your efforts. 
--Mark, Scottsdale, AZ

Dear Grassfire,
I have been receiving unsolicited porn e-mails with embedded hard core pornographic pictures.  It was bad enough when I got unsolicited email with just verbal descriptions and invitations to view or visit their websites.  I found the text only e-mails offensive enough but the ones with embedded pictures has me really angry.  

I have signed the petition and have sent it on to others.  What I would
like to do is to forward these emails to all the congressional and
senatorial representatives so they can see first hand what we are being
bombarded with. … Thank you for all you do.        --Mary

Your Grassfire.net petition against unsolicited and unwanted Internet
pornography really seems to be taking hold.  There may be some who enjoy
such filth, but the vast majority of PC users hate seeing their e-mail
box filled with this garbage. … Every day, I get 8 or 10 pornographic solicitation e-mails.  Sometimes they come in a burst where every e'mail in a group of 5 or 6 is
a solicitation of pornography.  Nearly all of this stuff is soliciting photos and video films of "TEENAGERS" HAVING EVERY KIND OF PERVERTED SEX
ACT IMAGINABLE.  What is most maddening is that they all say that I am
enrolled in their network and asked to receive this trash.  I've never had any contact with any of them prior to receiving their e-mail, and have never signed on to any web site that carries that crap. …

I hope you get a MILLION signatures on the petition.  It seems to be the
only voice we have that has a chance of being listened to.  I've sent your information to everyone I know. Thank you so very much.    

Thank you so much for providing an avenue to address the major concerns 
of the day.  Not only that, but for making it so easy to contact the 'powers 
that be'.  May God always be your guide in whatever you do.  
Thanks so much.    –D Cain 

Many seniors [do not have] school-age children in their home but they ARE 
concerned about their grandchildren and want to have a voice. Thanks for 
your good work!    -Jo W. 

I just signed your petition on Pornography Spam.  We have been inundated 
with that crap for almost a year now and have resorted to a 'mail washer' 
program to filter out unwanted junk mail.         -Dennis H. 

If the government can put priority on catching people who put bombs in 
citizens' mailboxes, it can and should put such priority on preventing, 
catching, and prosecuting people who put emotional and spiritual bombs 
in my e-mailbox.     -Derron B.

“Thank you Grassfire.net for caring to do something about this terrible
problem.  Junk mailers are a series problem but the porn junk mailers are
completely out of hand.  They send their filth out to everyone not caring
who they send it to. … I know the world's a mess, and I know if we let the
perverts and ungodly run our country we are all going to pay the highest
of prices for it.” --Bryon

“[As a lawyer] I am interested in this act both personally and professionally.  
I am adamantly opposed to the peddlers of pornograghy and see the damage 
that it does to clients and friends and their families …”        --Eric, Utah

“I was so happy to hear that there was an organized group fighting pornography 
on the web.  I did not know anything was being done at the grassroots level.  
I feel so strongly that pornography should be moved from the .com domain to 
.xxx or something that will identify what it is.  Children should not be able to 
stumble across pornography with one wrong click of the mouse.  I have signed 
your petition and will pass it on. Thank you for all you are doing.”  --Mary, NC

“Just two days ago I received "hard core" porn pictures on my e-mail.  
This was not solicited.  I opened the e-mail and there were the pictures.  
My kids could have easily been standing beside me and seen this.  …  
I am getting more and more porn sites and now one with actual
pictures.  So, yes, I'll be signing the petition. “ --Toni 

“Love the work you are doing!” –Jerry

“I have gladly signed your porn spam petition. However, I wonder if it 
will do any good.” –Ed 
Editorial Reply: Ed, we can’t say for certain, but when more than 100,000 
concerned Americans unite against an issue, our belief is that something 
positive will result. Thanks for your support!

 “I had to write and give you a great big "thank you" for the internet
porn petition!  I am sick of the images just showing up totally
unwanted!  I have felt so helpless to do anything about it!  Thank you
for sending this forth to give each of us with moral fiber a voice!” 

“I am SO happy that something is finally being attempted to get this 
plague under control!!!!!
  My daughters and I get so frustrated with 
the porn ads that continually pop up every time we try to do anything 
on the Internet. … THANK YOU for giving me a podium to stand on!!! 
May the Power of God Stand Behind You on this.”


“I'm so glad there are some that will fight for the many.  The damage that
pornography causes in our lives is carried on from generation to generation.
Thank you for taking a much needed stand to stop the emotional, economical
and social destruction.”

“Thanks to all of you who are trying to make [us] more aware … and how 
we can help to make our world a better place to live with our families.” 
-G. Morgan 

“Thank you Grassfire.net  …  It is refreshing for to me to know that real people 
are truly listening, watching and being proactive in this battle.”
-M. Ivey

“I think what you're doing is very important.  But here's an idea which I
have long believed would be a simple and cheap way to get control of this

Create a ".xxx" domain, and require all porn sites to reside there.  This
way the porn sites would be corralled into a common bit pattern and it
would become extremely easy to filter them out of home, school, or library
PC's.  At the same time, it wouldn't require censorship, just control.

Maybe it's not too late to include something like this in your petition?”
Note from the editor: David, Grassfire.net has taken your 
suggestion to heart by adding “.adult” to our  petition. 
Thanks to all of our friends who suggested this to us!

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