“The baby's little fingers were clasping and unclasping,
and his feet were kicking. Then the doctor stuck the scissor
through the back of his head….The doctor opened up the
scissors, stuck a high-powered suction tube into the
opening and sucked the baby's  brains out….
I almost threw up as I watched.”

Those are the words of Registered Nurse Brenda Pratt Shafer before a Congressional subcommittee. Shafer was pro-abortion, until she witnessed for herself the horrors of the partial-birth abortion procedure. Click here to read her full testimony.

The horror continues

Despite numerous efforts to ban this outrageous procedure, partial-birth abortion continues unabated. In the United States alone, conservative estimates suggest 3,000-5,000 babies are aborted each year by partial-birth abortion. 

And what is partial-birth abortion? Imagine a perfectly formed unborn baby just days or even moments from a healthy delivery. In moments, that baby will be dead. Here’s a step-by-step look at partial-birth abortion:  

Step #1
The abortionist first dilates the mother and then uses forceps to position the baby feet first in the “breach” position.

Step #2
The abortionist then pulls the baby’s feet through the birth canal. The baby is now just moments from death.

Step #3
Next, the baby’s legs, body and arms are guided through the birth canal, essentially delivering everything but the head out of the womb, but carefully keeping the head inside the womb. Why? To technically prevent a live birth from taking place. At this point, the baby is still very much alive.

Step #4
The abortionist then grabs the baby around the neck and shoulders and jams scissors  into the base of the baby’s skull. Then, the scissors are spread to create an opening to suction out the baby’s brain and allow the head to pass through the birth canal.

Step #5
A suction catheter is placed in the opening at the base of the baby’s skull and the baby’s brains are suctioned out, collapsing the skull and killing the baby. 

Reports suggesting that partial-birth abortion is only used in early term pregnancies when the woman is at risk have all proven to be false. Although most often used in the fifth and sixth month of pregnancy, partial-birth abortion is still performed into the third trimester—on healthy babies and healthy mothers! 

Since 1995, all attempts to ban the ghoulish practice have failed because former President Bill Clinton’s vetoes and threats of vetoes. But now, with a new President who has pledged his support to end this procedure, the time to act is now!  

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